About Us

Next Dental lab is a full-service laboratory.

We based our development on rigorous professionalism in addition to a personalized customer relationship. Our services and products are always of high quality and our advices are adapted to each individual profile.

This philosophy enables our laboratories to draw up a unique trusting relationship with our customers.

Quality is our #1 goal. With Next Dental Lab, you can rest assured. We conceive and check your cases, in order to have a better service, and optimize your productivity with our high-quality standard. Our products are FDA approved.

Next Dental Lab, strongly present in Asia, offers dental lab services directly to all of the dental offices in the US market who would like to cut in half or even more, their lab expense, while still keeping your high-quality standard. Dentists can start sending all of their cases to our USA offices, with no minimum volume required and no outsourcing headaches.

Every case can be traced with a lot number that is attributed to each and every item before it leaves our laboratory. We also offer a 3 Year Warranty (Crown and Bridge), 1 Year Warranty (Removable). This helps assure you and your patients a peace of mind.

We process and finish all your orders in only 8 working days.

Next Dental Lab uses cutting edge technology to provide you with a higher quality at lower prices.

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Full Denture


Year Round Prices
(no minimum)

3 Year Warranty
(Crown & Bridge)