Shipping Details

Please make sure to follow all instructions below. It is very important that each step is completed in order to avoid any delays on your cases.

  1. Prior to dismissing your patient, please inspect the impression(s) for any defects and retake if necessary. Unreadable impressions will be on your trouble case list. If you decide to process the case with unclear impression, case will not be under warranty.
  2. Rinse and disinfect the impression(s) according to OSHA standards prior to packaging for shipment.
  3. Place all components for each case in a resealable plastic bag. To prevent lost parts, small items such as shade tabs, implant parts,pieces of porcelain for shade match, etc… should be put in a small box or envelope prior to placing them in plastic bag.
  4. All stone models should be wrapped in protective padding to ensure safe delivery.
  5. Fill out one of the RX forms below. Do not print and fill it out by hand. Each required field must be completed online before printing to insure all information is legible. When Rx is filled out, print 3 copies. 1 for your office to keep on file, 1 inside the bag with case and your account number visible, and 1 stapled on the outside of the bag. (Please make sure to check the correct box on the Rx indicating whether the case is a : new case, remake, and/or sending new impressions/models for an existing case already sent before).
  6. Place the packaged case(s) into a shipping box. If you are sending more than one case, please make sure each case is easily identifiable.

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3 Year Warranty
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