What To Know About Our Dental Lab Product Delivery

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When it comes to choosing a professional dental laboratory that offers top-notch dental lab products and services, Next Dental Lab remains the best option. Our services and products are always of high quality and our advice is adapted to each individual profile.

Our FDA approved products are designed to consistently meet the standard so that your patients can enjoy the dual benefit of superior comfort along with the longevity of their dental restorations. We also offer year-round prices, and you can buy as low as one unit of product from us. Are you planning to join the long list of our satisfied dentists? Here is what you should know about our dental lab product delivery.

Timing is Everything

We understand that dental practice depends on the timely delivery of dental prosthetics to ensure that the patients receive the best care. Therefore, at Next Dental Labs, we ensure that we meet delivery deadlines to maintain a good relationship with the dental practice. We also have clear communication channels to enable the smooth delivery of products.

For example, we ensure that denture cases are received back in our clients’ offices about 6-10 business days from the day we receive them in one of our shipping centers: Florida, California, or New Jersey.

Quality Control

The quality of dental prosthetics and other products is paramount to both the dental lab and the dental practice. Before any delivery is made, we ensure that the product meets the highest quality standards. This involves thorough testing and inspection of the product to ensure that it is free from defects or any other issues that may compromise its functionality.

Packaging and Shipping

Dental prosthetics and other related products are highly sensitive and require proper packaging to ensure that they remain intact during shipping. We focus on using high-quality materials to protect the product during transit. We also offer free shipping valid for USA accounts only (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). And we can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of our products.

Note that Next Dental Lab doesn’t provide boxes or supplies.  However, you can use your account number to generate UPS shipping labels, on-demand via our Print a Shipping Label webpage.

How to Get Started With Us

  • Register For An Account

Click register and sign up for your practice to start sending cases. After you have filled out and submitted our online registration form, your dental office receives a unique account number. You can use your account number to fill out RX forms (i.e., NExT Classic, NExT Plus, and NExT Elite), generate shipping labels, and start sending cases. Along with your account number,you  will also have a dedicated specialist to answer any of your questions.

  • Download Shipping Labels & RX Forms

Use your account number to print shipping labels and RX forms right from our website. Fill out the required field and submit it to generate a shipping label. Simply print your label and seal it on the outside of your package. Confirm that all openings are securely taped and it’s ready to go.

  • Send And Track Cases

Send your physical and digital impressions. You can track your patients’ cases with ease by logging in to your client portal. You can also message the lab, make payments, and more through this platform.

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*FREE shipping offer valid for USA accounts only (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  Terms:  Up to 20 monthly shipping fees will automatically be credited to your account on each month that an account’s monthly statement is $3,500 or more excluding the shipping fees. (UPS Ground and 2nd Day Air only; Next Day Air labels will not be credited) Accounts must be up to date with no late balance.
FIRST CASE FREE – When you register with Next Dental Lab, instantly receive a credit for $50 to be used towards your first case.

Ready to Get Started?

We understand that the quality of dental products is at the core of dependable dental service.