How Safe Are iTero Scanners?

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Gone are the days of gooey, gross dental impressions! Introducing: iTero scanners.

The iTero scanner is an advanced dental imaging device that uses digital imagery to capture comprehensive pictures of your teeth, mouth, and dental structure. By using cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, it creates a complete and detailed representation of your dental configuration. This enables your dentist to track progress and make accurate predictions from the very beginning.

With its remarkable speed of capturing 6000 images per second, this scanner details every aspect of your teeth – even what lies beneath the surface.

No more dental impressions requiring messy and time-consuming goopy putty!

Understanding iTero Scanner Modeling

Unlike traditional putty models, the iTero scanner generates a 3D image as a model. This model encompasses the full spectrum of a dental impression – and well beyond. It captures the soft tissue within your mouth as well as the underlying structures. This helps to provide a more complete image of your dental condition.

This detailed model serves as the foundation for your dental treatment plan. It allows your orthodontist to customize a unique regime based on the comprehensive 3D images created by the scanner. The scanner’s predictive modeling capabilities enable you and your dental professional to visualize how your teeth will shift into their correct positions in the coming months (if tooth alignment is part of your dental plan).

The digital scanner’s accuracy and predictive capability empower your orthodontist to devise a clear treatment plan, which better guarantees outstanding and trackable results.

The Safety of the iTero Scanner

Rest assured, the iTero scanner is safe, accurate, and comfortable. The scanning process is painless. The wand used in the process hovers over your teeth to capture a comprehensive image of your dental structure.

Possibly most importantly – to any number of people – this scanner does not use radiation. This makes it completely safe for use, even during pregnancy.

Compared to traditional putty impressions, this digital scanner offers greater accuracy by capturing comprehensive images of the entire dental structure. That includes the root structures and jaw beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. This enhanced accuracy helps your orthodontist to design your treatment plan more efficiently. In turn, you can begin treatment promptly and embark on your journey toward achieving a beautiful smile.

No Radiation? How Does It Work?

Rather than employing some type of radiation, this scanner uses laser imaging technology to create a detailed picture of your mouth and teeth. That means a completely and totally radiation-free experience.

Efficiency of the iTero Scanner

Another notable advantage of the iTero scanner is its speed. Digital scans of your teeth can be completed within minutes, eliminating the lengthy drying time associated with putty impressions. With the scanner, your orthodontist can instantly generate images of your teeth, providing you with a glimpse of your future smile during your initial consultation. It enables your orthodontist to initiate your treatment promptly, setting you on the path toward your desired outcome.

Ready for Your Digital Scan?

Next Dental Lab takes pride in offering the convenience and accuracy of the iTero scanner. Our digital scanners are a safe and reliable option for capturing comprehensive dental images. With this advanced technology, radiation-free operation, and efficient scanning process, we provide accurate and comfortable experiences for our patients.

3Shape Trios dental scanner

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